How do I order permits?
New users: Register for a new account. You must provide proof of residency by uploading a copy of your current rental agreement, Driver's license or current vehicle registration. The document must match the account address. Once your account is created, request your permit and upload current vehicle registration matching the account address. Once your documents are validated, your permit will be mailed to you.
For existing account holders, sign in using your email address and password. Order your permit and provide vehicle registration.
How many permits can I get?
My address is already assigned to someone else. What is required for the address to be made available for me to register my account?
I submitted the required documents. How long does it take for the documents to be reviewed?
My vehicle is not registered to the account address but I need a permit. What do I do?
How long will it take to receive permits?
Can permits be ordered by mail?
I have temporary plates on my vehicle. How do I order a permit?
What is required to obtain a residential permit for a company vehicle?